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of what does she dream?

Of what does she dream 

While I lie so close to her

Listening to her breath

Does she dream of forests and oceans, or of family and friends..

While I lie listening

Taking her warmth into my soul and thinking to myself that even when I am awake, I dream of nothing but her

Of what does she dream?

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The Time Piece


I know that when you look at the state of the world right now, it just looks like a million insurmountable problems. Issues that seem too big to face, conflicts in every direction and problems that appear too numerous and complicated to even attend to.

But I think that the size and multitude of the issues we face is an illusion. It occurs to me that we face only one real issue. The separation of ourselves from our own race. The human race.

In our seemingly inexhaustible efforts to be unique we have wrapped ourselves in separate identities. Our race, heritage, culture, religion…all these things that are not inherently bad unless we assign value to them. Value over other cultures, religions, races and heritage.

This is a structure we have cultivated through thousands of years and it needn’t even be undone. It is not our pride in our heritage that is doing us harm. These things can and should be celebrated because it is in the differences that we learn about ourselves and others. It is the mix of talents and abilities that make us stronger and as in all things it is most effective when we fully use the sum of our parts.

If I am the meticulously designed solid gold gear in a hand crafted time piece, and you are the hands made of solid diamond, of what use are we if separate from the watch?

Our ability to take a microscopic view our ourselves is just as uncanny as our difficulty in standing back and looking at the larger view. Seeing the finished product that is mankind.

But this is exactly what we need to do. See our own uniqueness as part of the whole.

If we can’t do this, is there any wonder why we feel disconnected? Is there any one of us that can say they have not experienced questioning how they fit in the world?

Understanding our imperative connection to each other is only the beginning. The first step in realizing that we, the human race are part of a bigger event. Life on this planet. Made up of all the elements that the earth is made of. And if we can stand back just one step further we would recognize that we are actually part of the entire universe.

We may not be always fully conscious of this. We have every day busy distractions from the reality of our bigger selves. But maybe if we all just stopped and recognized even for a moment that we are each one crucial part of the human race, the planet and the entire universe, the actions we take may lead us in the direction of evolution. And to evolve is the key to our very survival.